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Design your Own Blue Print for Happiness !

Are You Stressed & Get Angry Very Often?

It is a very common  observed  that Stress is more common in working Professionals in Corporate Sector, chasing  Targets and with People on Responsible Positions .Experts have done a phenomenal  research and studies have advocated ways and means tofight with Stress.

I have  been in the field of Man Management  for almost two decades .My Practical experience of dealing with People from different walks of Life from Multimillionaire’s to Middleclass, lower class families ,from Urban/ Rural Areas ,  interiors  part of India from Finance ,Retail ,Rural sectors  have given me an opportunity to see the Lifestyles and interact with People  from  different walks of Life.

Stress is of two types   i.e. Eustress & De-stress.In simple words Positive and Negative Stress. Positive or Good Stress is necessary as a  person can work with Optimum Level and achieves the goals or Target and feels Happy .Destress is when even after giving cent percent contribution,not able to perform , things goes out of control and the Person feels depressed  with Morale at Ground ,isolates himself from the others. These are some of the alarming signs We at ThreeDimensions have designed a special workshop to help People from all walks of life to Understand the Stress levels and ways  to  Manage Stress. This Program is designed People to Transform themselves to Better Human beings with Positive Mindset.We conduct the session for People who are seriously looking forward to Transform themselves towards Success. We have Planned a workshop on 20th Dec 2014 .

If you feel you are not Stressed ,Good ,but still you can come and attend as we discuss the various symptoms which may lead to Stress and even in future if  you come across any of your Colleague’s,FamilyMembers,teammates,You would be in a better position  to help them.Our Mind Transformation techniques are useful to Increase the Productivity ,leading towards a better Healthy Life.Looking forward to Help you for Transformation towards Success.


Re-Organize Your Work Habits to Manage Stress

Hello Friends! Here I am giving you simple tips to have some relaxed but effective Work day.
Normally for all working either employed or in Business Professionals,Mornings are rushed,and we get delayed to reach to work place, and ,we get annoyed,for lot of things ,which are not in our Control.

On can just get up early by fifteen to twenty minutes and this can add to your available time to great extent .Set Priorities, for the work to be done, make a small note of in the tab/mobile or at workstation for work to be done .you can make classification of Tasks as -morning work, second half,and before End of the day , do not postpone the things which you can do today.

You can start the Day with Morning Prayer before the morning Standup Meet ,it also creates a good atmosphere and sets tone for the day. Rearrange your work place, a small indoor green tree plant ,a Smiley on the desk ,or a picture or good scenery makes one feel fresh. whenever possible be with co- worker's/subordinates, colleague's during lunch breaks/ Coffee breaks. Come out of the "Plastic Smile" Culture, You can talk to anyone or everyone you meet as a stranger.
I would recommend important and productive work to be done in morning when you are fresh. you come to work with Proper Rest ,with a good sound sleep.Now a days it is very necessary to give appropriate time to physical activities, Meditation ,to refuel your body ,so your energy levels goes up, and Body & Mind is with full Energy to work.So it gives a good Start to the Day.I had read somewhere on some social network a Text a Quote"A Morning is a Wonderful blessings by God,either Sunny, Stormy or Rainy,It gives you another Start For the day What is called Life"
When you are tired or feeling sluggish productivity is low ,that time you can do less important work, like clearing email reverts, signing letters, so on.Two to three minutes simple stretches or Meditation also helps drastically to manage stress, If you are overloaded with work. spending Ten minutes alone ,keeping your eyes closed, speaking to yourself calmly makes a huge difference, try it this really works.

When you are doing multiple assignments and have to be connected on Mobile ,and it Rings,....Hold take Inhale a long breathe for six to seven seconds to calm yourself exhale and then answer the call, it works.

Evenings in the office with light music increases not only productivity but helps to cope up with the Stress. Last but not the list Positive mind with" I can " attitude is best charger to fight with Stress. Planthe week ahead rather than having an endless to do list. In your weekly plan timetable, at least three empty slots can be reserved, to allow for those things that crop up unexpectedly. Also ensure that you plan in your stress busting must haves, things like your 10 minute meditation or going for a lunch-time walk! planning your goals in advance for week or at least your day really helps. Some Corporates Weekly Schedules are followed Strictly. You Commit your Plan for a week and achieve the Same without fail.
I am publishing these tips on verge of ending of the year 2014,and Financial year closing is just Three-n-Half months in many countries, and More and More Professionals are likely to have Problems of Depression ,anxiety leading to Stress.
Feel free to post your experience and if these small tips works. for you and share with the People who you care Most
Wishing you Merry X’Mas& a Happy New Year In Advance

Mr Shirish is Sales & Stress Management Consultant. Three dimensions Training & Development is His Dream Project ,Helping People to Transform People Towards Success .for more information login to website,

You may write to him at


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