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Communication Skills

In every organization  at every stage communication process is very important. It is exchange of message or idea by one person to another . For any communication ,-There has to be an ‘Idea or Message’ to be exchanged, Some one to send or share the same  i.e. encoding, A medium or channel to exchange the same, and a “ Receiver” who will receive the same i.e. decoding. A communication can be effective only if the person receiving same understands clearly the message given by the sender in the same context  , when it started originally. There may be some Barriers in communication. We explore How to overcome the barriers.


Contents we cover in work shop-

What is Communication

Functions of Communications.

Communication Process.

Communication Skills.

Importance of Listening.

Influencing skills

Working well in teams

Effective team meetings

Types of Communications.

Barriers of Communication.

How to improve communication level.

Importance of body language.

Importance of Language.

Email etiquette’s,

Report writing

Public speaking and Presentations


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