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Leadership Development Program

Every Leader is not a Born leader. Leaders are  developed with experience, mentoring and nurturing there skills. Leaders are of different types, some come directly to lead, some are promoted within the organization. Each one of us is both being influenced by someone or has been influencing others. i.e either we lead someone or are being led by someone in some or other area in our Life. We may find a top performer elevated to leadership position but unable to manage or build a team of followers, and as a result may  have to unfold his sleeves and does the work on his own. Each   position requires different type of skill sets to manage People. Every person or Junior may not reciprocates in same manner to your A True leader is a leader who produces Superior performance consistently from his  all sub-ordinates.and manages the whole team to win. Managing teams, by prioritizing responsibilities, delegating tasks to right person differentiates leaders from followers.


Three Dimensions Team have developed different courses for leadership Roles   from Junior Management Supervisors, Middle-Management Managers and advanced Management courses Area/Branch Managers ,handling manpower between five to fifty.There is a good quote by Sir John Q.Adams-about a  Leader “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Contents we cover in work shop

Leadership Skills

Types of Leaders

Onboarding a New Team member

Team Building


Risk Management

Handling Failure

Team Motivation

Managing the Top performer, Retention skills

Handling Diverse Teams

Qualities of good leader

Conducting team Meeting

Time Management

Influencing Skills

Managing Change-Four stages of Change


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