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Stress Management and Challenging work pressure

In Corporate culture, Every one is working under tremendous   target pressure to achieve the same in almost every role. Targets or the   Work pressure do not increase suddenly, but may build day by day if ,all function in the chain are not doing  the  task assigned to them. May it be the Top Management or the Junior  executive, which leads to extra long work schedules, unable to cope up and work –personal life Imbalance. It may lead to frustration amongst the  employees , most importantly depression for non achievement and morale n productivity may reach the bottom. We provide special programs to boost the morale of the employee with motivational techniques, and inputs and confidence building exercise, which leads to save the important assets of Organization that is your Employee.



Contents we cover in work shop-

What is Stress

Symptoms of Stress

Your Personality & Stress

How to cope up with Stress acceptance of facts

How to reduce stress using time management skills

How to create healthy work environment


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